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Natural Reflections Team

Meet Our Natural Reflections Team

Here at Natural Reflections, we strongly appreciate every member of our team.  We believe that each of our employees is valuable, and that every member of our team has strengths which have contributed to the overall success of our company.  As individuals, our employees are dedicated and experienced technicians and artists.  As a team, they have over 100 years of combined experience with a wealth of knowledge and skill.  Our team is passionate and driven for excellence, which is why Natural Reflections can provide Dr’s with the highest quality of products and services available.

Our Technicians

Xang Leenhiavue

Crown and Bridge Technician

Xang started working at Natural Reflections July 2018. He has 17 years of dental experience…

Neng Veng

Model RoomTechnician

Neng came on board February 2019. He has 13 years of experience in the dental lab field…

Deanna Beckman

Removable Technician

Deanna is a technician passionate about the art of creating dentures for patients.

Joey Hunter

Removable Technician

Joey started her dental lab career in 1996 with an entry level position at Excel Dental Studio’s.

Dennis Geffre

Crown and Bridge Technician

The first of the four original founding members of Natural Reflections, Dennis has been with…

Eric Gasperlin

Crown and Bridge Technician

Eric joined our team in 2014 and brought with him 20 years of experience in waxing and finishing.

Devin Geffre

Model Room Supervisor

Devin’s work with Natural Reflections began in 2010 with the founding of the company…

Penny Bentrott

Lab Manager

Penny started her dental laboratory career with the United States Air Force. There she spent 8 years…

Jared Mortimer


Jared joined Natural Reflections in 2012 and has become an indispensable member of our team.

Tom Berthiaume

Removable Technician

A dental technician for 31 years, Tom is experienced in many aspects of the dental lab business.

Karen Matschull

Porcelain Technician

Karen joined Natural Reflections in 2012 after 36 years working as a dental technician.

Hania Wiatros

Porcelain Technician

Hania joined our team in 2012, bringing her 27 plus years of experience as a CDT to help…

Cathie Joyner

Removable Department

Cathie was a Dental Assistant in California until she moved to Minnesota in 1998. She was a CPA until 2001. In 2002 she began her career as a Dental Lab Tech.  She loves making dentures and giving people new self-esteem with a beautiful smile!

Terry Hadd


Terry started his Dental Lab career 44 years ago with an “on the job training program” he was able to attend through his high school in 1977. Through his entry-level position at the lab, he was trained in many different systems of the dental lab business through continuing education and many hours of hands-on training.  His main interest turned into becoming a ceramist. He also takes custom shades. He has been a team player at Natural Reflections since January 2021. In his free time, he enjoys the great outdoors.

Dan Jordahl

Removable Department

Dan began as an apprentice in 1979, earned his CDT in 1985, and has worked as a Department Lead, a Lab Owner, and has had roles in the NADL on the state and national level.  With 40+ years of experience, Dan can provide you with answers, options, and solutions to problems in your case planning.  Beginning with pre-treatment case planning and design options to utilizing precision attachments in combination with crown and bridge and removable prosthetics. From the simple to the complex we can help you.